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  1. Better Tennessee Called ‘Content Marketing at its Best’

    When it awarded Better Tennessee magazine first place as the “Best Print Publication,” the Ragan 2015 Content Marketing Awards called […]

  2. Strategy is Key to Successful Content Marketing

    Content marketing consumes about a quarter of all marketing budgets today. That has led many to proclaim, “content is king.” It is true that engaging content based on a strategy tied to business goals is the king of marketing tools. However, content with no strategy is, at best, a distant royal relative.

    Whether they call it “content marketing” or not, almost every company practices some form of content marketing. To engage with current and potential customers, companies may create a print newsletter, send an email update, share items on Facebook or write a blog. It is all content marketing.

  3. Headed to MATS

    Every year the Parthenon team heads to Louisville, Ky., to attend the Mid-America Trucking Show and represent Road King magazine, the trucking magazine Parthenon publishes exclusively for TA TravelCenters and Petro Stopping Centers.

  4. Apple’s Subscription Service – Is it a Good Thing?

    Apple recently announced its plan to tack a 30 percent fee on to publishers who charge subscriptions through its App Store. These fees apply to magazines, books, newspapers, music and videos. Apple is also dictating that these publishers can’t offer their subscriptions elsewhere at a lower price, and the consumers will have the option to withhold to sharing their details — such as name or location — with the publisher.

  5. Opting Out

    I’m a huge fan of print publications, that’s why I am in the editorial department, but is print the right way to go for everything? What about the Yellow Pages?

  6. Top Content Marketing Blogs – Updated!

    One of our favorite content marketing bloggers and authors, Joe Pulizzi, has re-released his list of the the top blogs covering content marketing. He has posted the list nine times (counting his latest list) and the list is worth bookmarking.

  7. Take Time to Develop a Content Strategy

    So you have interviewed your corporate experts and taken countless hours to write an engaging white paper. What do you do with it now? Post it on your website and hope people stop by? Invest in a landing page and SEM campaign to help drive traffic to the paper? Post it on LinkedIn?

  8. Magazine Readership Shows Growth

    According to a report just released by GfK MRI (formerly Mediamark Research & Intelligence), magazine readership in the United States is slowly growing – a fact that is worthy of grand celebration in an industry often declared as “dead.”

    How did your favorite magazines perform over the past year?

  9. Social Media Claim Check

    I was as wowed as the next person by the onslaught of information in this video about the importance of social media. And then a contributor to the Huffington Post news site pointed out that none of the “facts” in the argument were sourced, advising “so take it with a grain of salt.”

    I’m not addressing the validity of the argument here — I actually do believe that social media is a game changer in communication. But as an editor who often works with clients who don’t have a background in reporting, I see lots of “urban myths” worm their way into communications.

  10. Parthenon Adds More Talent to Our Team

    Parthenon is pleased to welcome four new additions to our team: Becky Eastridge, Diana Garrett, Candace Hutchins and Chrissy Seivers.

  11. Video of the Week: Magazines, The Power of Print

    I am a print magazine person. I love getting lost in a well-written story, and though I now read as many blogs and news sites as print publications, I strongly defend print to those who tell me that the format is in its death throes.

    Naturally, the magazine industry wants to fight the notion that it is a dinosaur fighting extinction in a new media age. So a group of powerful publishers came together on a multi-million dollar campaign to promote “The Power of Print,” kicking off with a video on YouTube. Hmmm.

  12. What Newspaper Journalists Can Teach You

    Amid the financial turmoil plaguing the newspaper industry as a whole, accusations and general finger-pointing has abounded as industry players scramble to figure who’s to blame.

    You’ve heard the culprits: