Road King

  1. Road King Magazine Wins 15 TWNA Awards

    Road King magazine, published by Parthenon Publishing, won 15 awards, including the Best of 2013 Award for magazine writing, at […]

  2. Truck Stop Spotlight: Engage Your Customers Where They Are

    As media platforms have multiplied and customers have become more bombarded, engaging them at the right time and in the right place is challenging.

  3. Road King Receives 11 Awards

    Last week, the trucking magazine Road King, a bimonthly publication that we produce for our client TravelCenters of America, won 11 Truck Writer of North America Communicator Awards.

  4. Mingle with Your Audience

    This week, I’m attending the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Ky. With an attendance of more than 80,000, it is by far the largest gathering of professional truck drivers in the world. Parthenon has several employees attending on behalf of Road King, a 250,000-circulation magazine for professional drivers that we publish for TravelCenters of America.

  5. The MATS Experience

    The Mid-America Trucking Show ended on Saturday after an eventful three days. It was my first time at the show and it was an exciting, nonstop experience.

  6. Road King Magazine Wins 10 Awards

    Road King magazine, published by Parthenon for TravelCenters of America, received a total of 10 awards, including a Best of […]

  7. Parthenon Grows with TravelCenters of America

    I am happy to announce that Parthenon Publishing has expanded its relationship with TravelCenters of America LLC (TA). We have […]

  8. A New Site is Launched:

    You don’t have to drive a truck to find the new Road King website interesting. Professional drivers will see their work lives reflected in the news and stories, but anyone who has ever used the nation’s highways can find something to relate to or to learn. Almost everything that we use in our every day lives, from food to computers to clothes to toys, is brought to us by trucks.

  9. Thoughts from the Editor: Completing the Picture

    I was excited about the UPS driver training school story for Road King as soon as I assigned it. Here was a place that took truck driving safety so seriously that they brought an elite group of driver-trainers to a three-week boot camp on driving safely. Our writer, David Kolman, nailed the details — rules of the road shouted out on demand, timed inspections, barked orders and exhausted trainees pushing themselves so they wouldn’t wash out.