1. 3 Questions to Ask Before Taking Print to Digital

    If you are thinking of taking your print publication digital, consider these questions to ensure a smooth transition.

  2. Trend Watch: Color Blocking & Digital Design

    Microsoft, Target and USA Today are all using color blocking in their print and digital design. Find out what it is and where the trend came from.

  3. Happy Birthday CD!

    Thirty years ago, in October of 1982, Sony released the first consumer CD players in Japan. While they are no longer the main way to listen to music, they still have a role.

  4. The New Office Supplies

    When I watch Mad Men it makes me glad we don’t use typewriters at Parthenon. Partially because my “digital media” job wouldn’t exist in typewriter land but also because they look like a huge hassle.

  5. It’s How You Say It

    Are you typing in the written equivalent of, “thank you for calling” when you respond to a complaint or compliment?

  6. A Memorable Reader Experience

    Each year I eagerly anticipate the publication of Oxford American’s Southern music issue. It’s always high quality stuff and this year’s edition focusing on music from Mississippi is no exception. It’s chock-full of well-written and engaging stories, amazing design (just check out that cover!) and unforgettable images.

  7. My First CES

    When you tell someone that you’re going to Vegas, they think slot machines and showgirls – unless it’s January and they are seriously tech savvy. Then they assume that you’ll be at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

  8. Taking Another Look at Bing

    Have you checked out Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, lately? According to Kunal Das, a Microsoft Bing Evangelist, about 30 percent of us using Bing over Google for at least part of our searches. Bing’s partnership with Yahoo – Bing serves up all of Yahoo’s search results – helped double the company’s market share to its current 30 percent.

  9. Search: Online “Filter Bubbles”

    As Internet companies attempt to personalize their services to each user, there is an unintended result: we view an edited down version of reality that colors the world that we see. Eli Pariser discusses this in his latest TED talk that you can watch here.

  10. Disconnect to Connect

    Today I read a great blog post written by Richard Watson, the publisher of What’s Next (a website that documents global trends) and co-founder of Strategy Insight (a specialist scenario planning consultancy). The blog’s title, Why Doing Nothing is Often Better Than Doing Something, grabbed my attention. What Watson found was that he felt overwhelmed with too much information. He was drowning in the details of life and was missing the boat on being an innovative, creative deep-thinker.

  11. Kindle Library Lending

    If you know a fellow Kindle owner, it wasn’t too long ago that Amazon started allowing users to lend out books for two weeks at a time. Now, Amazon announced that soon, Kindle e-books will be available at local libraries in a program they call Kindle Library Lending.

  12. Turning Buyers Into Customers

    Here is a great video of business strategist, Valerie Maltoni, explaining how businesses can talk to customers so they listen. She believes technology can help transform buyers into returning customers and explains the difference between buyers and customers. Buyers are people with many singular transactions whereas customers are buyers who decide to come back two, three, or more times to purchase from a brand they believe in. Social media not only helps transform a buyer into a customer, but it encourages that new customer to bring along their friends.