1. Keeping Up with Technology

    It's impossible to keep up with technology between it failing, normal wear and tear and new versions released.

  2. The Technology Waiting Game

    Information is emerging about the businesses affected by the disasters in Japan, and how that will mean a gap in the supply chain for some key iPad parts.

  3. Book It – The Nashville Public Library

    A quick visit to, shows that the library is determined to keep up with the times as much as technology and budgets will allow.

  4. Apple’s Subscription Service – Is it a Good Thing?

    Apple recently announced its plan to tack a 30 percent fee on to publishers who charge subscriptions through its App Store. These fees apply to magazines, books, newspapers, music and videos. Apple is also dictating that these publishers can’t offer their subscriptions elsewhere at a lower price, and the consumers will have the option to withhold to sharing their details — such as name or location — with the publisher.

  5. Are Your IPhone Apps Tracking You?

    A new study conducted by Manuel Egele, of the Technical University of Vienna, and three other researchers have revealed that about half of all iPhone apps are sharing your sensitive information without your knowledge. Technology Review reports that out of the 1,400 iPhone apps studied, Egele found that over half of them used a tracking technology and collected the 40-digit number unique to each phone. In a small minority of cases, apps “blatantly compromised privacy.” 36 accessed the iPhone’s location without permission, and five accessed the user’s address book without asking.

  6. Tech-savvy Holiday Shopping

    My main go-to guide for the holidays are the savvy gift guides for men. My husband is a huge techie, which means I have to make sure any gifts I get him this year are up to par.

  7. Top Gadget Gifts for 2010 – iPad is a Hit!

    The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has just released a report on the top 10 most requested gadgets for 2010’s holiday season. CES found that consumers are planning to spend $750 total on gifts, with $232 going toward consumer electronics. The top 10 most requested electronic items being requested this year include…

  8. Jury Orders Apple to Pay $625 Million

    On October 1st the Tyler District Court jury found Apple guilty of infringing upon three patents. The court has ordered Apple to pay $625 million to patent holder Mirror Worlds, citing that the breaches are punishable by over $208 million per patent. The award is the second-biggest jury verdict in 2010, and the fourth-biggest patent verdict in U.S. history.

  9. Recalling the iPad

    Okay, I know I’m late to the party with this, but I’ve got to congratulate Steve Jobs and company on the iPad. Not like they were waiting for my endorsement, but I’m giving it anyway. Over a recent long weekend I finally got to spend an extended amount of face time with an iPad and I must say the experience really opened my eyes. And ears. And mind.

  10. Will Your Jailbroken iPhone Go Silent?

    In February Apple applied for a patent covering methods for Identifying and disabling of electronic devices. It also seems to cover methods for identifying hacked devices or those that have had their SIM cards removed.

  11. Advocating for Net Neutrality (Part 3 of 3)

    If the FCC decides to make Google and Verizon’s proposed policy a reality, then it will soon be a completely controlled Internet, not by the government, but by large corporations. It certainly seems like a slow death to net neutrality.

  12. Advocating for Net Neutrality (Part 2 of 3)

    When the New York Times posted this story last week, I think my heart really skipped a beat. I thought my worst nightmare was about to come true, and I really didn’t want to delete my Google account, get rid of my Android phone and get lost without my Google navigation.