1. Advocating for Net Neutrality (Part 1 of 3)

    I remember being in my Mass Communications and Society class giving a speech on net neutrality and trying to persuade my classmates to join the coalition for a free Internet. At that time it was something that I was passionate about, but as I looked at the blank stares across the rows of students, I came to realize that most didn’t even know what net neutrality was at that time.

  2. Taking the Google Brain Offline

    When I don't know something, I Google it. I seek answers on the Internet at home, at work and in the grocery store. It's instant gratification to get the answer quickly and move on.

  3. Does the iPad Create New Kinds of Storytelling?

    In Parthenon Publishing’s video of the week, we got a glimpse of what the future of storytelling on Apple’s iPad […]

  4. The Awesome iPhone: Are You an Addict?

    So just how much do you love your iPhone? Would you consider yourself a casual user, a heavy user or even an iPhone addict?

    Recently, Stanford University researchers polled 200 students to learn more about just how people (well, students) are using their iPhones. According to a write up, iPhones are pretty “indispensable” for many students. While they do not state that students are actually “addicted” to their iPhones, they certainly imply a real dependency on the technology.