1. Tweeting with the Stars: NFL Players & Twitter Success

    How NFL stars are building relationships with their fans with more personal and engaging tweets.

  2. Comments: More than bottom dwellers

    Build your brand! Get people talking! Love those comments and respond to them right away! The drumbeat of advice for […]

  3. How to Build a Solid Product Plan

    It seems simple enough: If you’re listening to your customer, you should have a good idea of what they need. […]

  4. Timing Your Social Posts: Make Sure You’re Heard

    Optimize the timing of your social feeds to hit your audience when they’re most likely to engage. It’s not worth posting content nobody is going to see.

  5. Getting Savvy on #GivingTuesday

    On Cyber Monday, deals become deals with all the rest, and the only competition method is a lowered price tag. But now we have #GivingTuesday with the fairest price tag of them all: the one that gives back.

  6. Social Spotlight: Goo Goo Clusters

    What one Nashville candy company can teach you about the social media sweet spot.

  7. 5 to Follow: Local Shopping

    By infiltrating social media with all of the great items you can buy, these savvy Nashville retailers are making a big impact on local culture and their sales.

  8. 5 to Follow: Innovative Nashville Restaurants

    Nashville is a major player on the national culinary stage. And as any good Music City resident knows, when you step into the spotlight, you have to step up your social media. Let’s look at locals who do it right.

  9. LinkedIn is a B2B Marketing Powerhouse

    LinkedIn is an underappreciated powerhouse when it comes to B2B marketing. While most recognize that LinkedIn is a natural for courting a professional business audience, most marketers continue to pour many more resources into other channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. A recent study from HubSpot may cause them to rethink their strategy. It found that LinkedIn converted leads at a rate of 4:1 over Facebook and 7:1 over Twitter.

  10. Twitter Brand Pages Becoming More Like Facebook?

    Twitter recently announced a redesign of its brand pages, and a few of the changes reflect Facebook features.

  11. The Anatomy of a Tweet

    Getting your Tweets seen and shared may seem like a game of luck, but there’s more of a science to it than you think.

  12. Blogability: Top 3 Tips from CM World 2K11

    The world is overflowing with content, so if you’re someone who wants to blog for a living (or just make a name for yourself in your industry), you need an edge. And as non-sexy as this may be, I’d like to suggest that your edge be simply a plan.