1. Following Social Media Etiquette

    As the number of people and companies participating on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have grown, certain rules for effective communication have become clear.

  2. Apple Pie and Editorial Backlash

    When Monica Gaudio published a recipe five years ago on a domain name that she owned and a piece she copyrighted, she was happy to share it with the few visitors to her blog. Five years later, a friend informed Gaudio that he saw her article published in Cooks Source magazine, a small western New England publication. Gaudio had never heard of the publication and never gave them her permission to publish her piece. She went to the magazine website and sure enough, her recipe was there.

  3. Political Stalking or Voter Education?

    In the spirit of election week I thought I’d spread the word about an interesting site I’ve been made aware of, is a one-stop shop where you can stalk follow the online activities of your favorite, or not-so-favorite members of Congress.

  4. Soles4Souls Founder Wayne Elsey Touts Twitter

    Wayne Elsey, founder and CEO of Soles4Souls, a Nashville-based nonprofit organization that donates shoes to those in need around the world, spoke yesterday to NAMA, the Nashville chapter of the American Marketing Association, about Soles4Souls, its marketing strategy and its keys to success.

  5. Using Twitter to Counter Negative Reviews

    After a lousy dinner at a local restaurant, you may be tempted to post a review of your experience on Twitter. What you may not expect is an instant message back from the restaurant.

    According to a recent article by the Associated Press, more and more restaurants – from local hot spots to national chains – are recognizing the power of being a part of the online conversation.

  6. Poll: Consumers and Online Privacy Expectations

    A weekly poll currently on the American Marketing Association’s website asks: “Should consumers expect unrestricted online privacy?” The results (as of this morning)…

  7. Privacy Matters: How Are We Using Social Media?

    Fast Company recently published an article in which writer Farhad Manjoo argues that online privacy on services such as Facebook, […]

  8. Twitter Redesign in the Works

    Attention Twitter fans: A Twitter redesign is on the horizon. Check out this recent article posted on Mashable (a great site for all things social media).

  9. Twitter Takes on Spam

    So how many followers do you have on Twitter? If you are like most users, you probably have a few followers you wish you could get rid of: spammers. As Twitter’s popularity has grown, so has the sophistication of spammers. And, with that sophistication comes a whole new way for evildoers to phish for your Twitter account information or get you to click on a link to drive up their site’s traffic.

  10. My Favorite Twitter Tool: TweetDeck

    Twitter’s social media presence isn’t going away anytime soon, and any of you Tweeters out there know that it can sometimes be overwhelming if you’re following a large number of people. Enter TweetDeck.

  11. Expert Advice on How to Use Twitter

    How often do you Tweet? Too much? Too little? Not at all? Is there even a way to define what is “too much” or “too little?” Guy Kawasaki with Alltop (an avid Tweeter) commented on his Twitter habits in a recent post on American Express’ Open Forum website.

  12. Just Married: Twitter and LinkedIn

    Good news for everyone addicted to social media: Twitter and LinkedIn are now working as one. Users of either social media platform can now sync their updates. This means you enter an update in one tool and it will update in the other.