1. How (and why) to plan for interactive marketing

    The exponential growth of internet adoption among businesses and consumers provides tremendous opportunity for marketers. According to Forrester Research, advertisers will spend $25.8b on interactive marketing in 2009, and that number is expected to rise over the next five years to $55b, representing 21 percent of all marketing expenditures. The primary reason for this massive growth is that interactive marketing provides more efficient ways to reach prospective customers than more traditional advertising vehicles.

    Challenges always accompany opportunities, however, and interactive marketing is no exception. Here are five steps to successfully plan your interactive marketing for 2010:

    1. Understand. Before you develop and execute your interactive marketing plan, embark on a mission to understand who your target market is and how they behave online. Create a few prototypical customers and create a quick model about the

  2. Social Media: The Minimum You Should Do

    While social media may appear to be ubiquitous (especially to those of us in the industry), a quick scan of usage numbers indicates there are still a large number of people on the sidelines. In the U.S., Facebook claims roughly 60 million users, LinkedIn estimates it has 21 million accounts and estimates place Twitter’s users at close to 12 million. In a country with almost 250 million people over the age of 18, that leaves a lot of room for growth.

  3. Social Media 101

    Still wondering how to get started on Twitter or Facebook? Resources to help people of all skill levels enter – and get the most out of – social media.

  4. Facebook Is Not a Strategy

    Social media is different, but should be utilized with the same thoughtfulness as traditional media

    With Facebook topping 200 million active users, and traditional media outlets bombarding viewers with pleas to become fans, many marketers are feeling the pressure to jump on the bandwagon. While Facebook and other social media are new outlets to many, like more traditional media, they require a strategy to be utilized effectively.

    Before setting up a Facebook page and expecting thousands of fans to act as your cheerleaders, it is important to answer many of the questions you would in approaching any other media.