1. Did you get my message? When to text, email or pick up the darn phone

    Is the phone call really dead? Is texting the only way to go? How to use all the communication tools at your disposal to get your message across the right way.

  2. Making the case for case studies

    It’s easy to brag on a job well done. It’s also smart business. When you’ve done something 1) right, 2) […]

  3. Cinemagram: The Next Big Thing?

    With Facebook’s acquisition of the photo-sharing program, Instagram, the popularity of creative apps continues to grow – especially when it comes to video. Social video apps allow users to upload and share videos with followers. Unlike these crowd pleasers, Cinemagram is somewhere in the middle of photo and video – and people are paying attention.

  4. Beware of Autoposting Apps on Facebook

    This is a warning to all Facebook users: beware of apps that automatically post on your behalf on Facebook. They are a serious threat to your privacy and your personal brand.

  5. YouTube’s Top Ads of 2011

    Over the last few years, advertisers have learned a few things on how to truly engage customers. They’ve started providing consumers the opportunity to become an active participant in campaigns by creating content that we want to share. Ads are earning their way onto screens via votes on YouTube, comments, sharing and liking on various social media platforms. Users are jumping on the bandwagon and creating spoofs or video responses; making campaigns even more successful.

  6. Seeing (And Hearing) Is Believing

    Images help sell a story, which is why newsprint is usually livened up with photos. That holds true in the online world as well, where there are even more choices to augment even the driest copy. As is always the case, however, sometimes there can be far, far too much of a good thing.

  7. Video of the Week: Arcade Fire Teams with Google

    This week Parthenon watched the (now famous) Arcade Fire video “The Wilderness Downtown,” produced by Chris Milk in tandem with Google. To fully enjoy the video’s features, you’ll need to download Chrome, Google’s internet browser.

  8. Online Content Marketing on the Rise

    A pair of New York Times’ articles regarding content marketing caught my attention recently: After Drought, Hope for Shows Made for Web and Vice, a Media Company, Shows Big Brands How to Reach the Hip Crowd.

  9. Facebook Hits 500 Million Users

    Facebook has announced that it is has hit their well anticipated 500 million member mark. The normally press-shy Mark Zuckerberg is expected to make a rare television appearance on ABC’s World News to discuss the milestone and will most likely have to answer a few questions about Facebook’s recent privacy issues.

  10. Video of the Week: Old Spice Goes Viral

    This week the Parthenon staff viewed and discussed the phenomenal Old Spice campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy. While most had read […]

  11. Weekly Video: Is the Blockbuster Model Archaic?

    Between digital downloads, Netflix and DVD vending machines, some say Blockbuster is a dinosaur. That makes sense, since the Internet is taking over the universe. Consumers want to click or text — not drive, walk or reach for their landline (gasp) telephones.

  12. Video of the Week: The Wired Tablet Demo

    This week the Parthenon staff viewed Wired magazine’s video detailing how the publication might appear on a tablet computer.