Web Development

  1. Rethinking Above the Fold Web Design

    I have been developing websites for  nearly 15 years now. I have seen many trends come and go, but one […]

  2. Custom CMS vs. Open Source

    Can you build me a custom content management system? The quick answer is yes. The longer one is that we need to have a conversation about your needs.

  3. Of Olympic Coverage and Failure to Satisfy …

    Whether it’s a multibillion-dollar, 16-day global broadcasting spectacle or your company’s social-media or print product, it’s never a good idea to take advice only up to a point.

  4. Picture This: Connecting Photogs With Bootleggers

    Oh, for the days when attaching artwork to a blog simply meant pinging around the Internet, running searches and eventually snagging a suitable image and dropping it into place.

    You can still do that, but now you’re much more likely to get into trouble if that artwork is copyrighted and you haven’t asked for permission — or paid the photographer/artist.

  5. Think Before You Link

    The idea behind the link is to leverage your post as much as possible by attaching it to both in-house and external support sites.

  6. Google’s HTML5 Book

    “20 Things I Learned” is a good example of HTML5 and CSS3 and a great resource for web newbies. Many argue that HTML5 will become the next web standard, replacing Flash.

  7. Parthenon Launches Rascal Flatts/JFI “B1” Website

    This week, Parthenon launched a new website that represents a partnership between the country music group Rascal Flatts and The Jason Foundation, Inc., an organization working to prevent teen suicide. The new site promotes the B1 Project, an effort to educate youth and students on recognizing the warning signs of youth suicide and how to help a friend.

  8. Parthenon Develops Website for Flood Recovery

    When I found out that Parthenon had decided to offer its employees one paid vacation day to help with flood recovery here in Nashville, my first thought was how generous that was. My second thought was to ask myself what was the most effective way I could help my neighbors given one full day to help.

  9. Link Wars

    I think about the links in articles on the Web, especially when I’m blogging. I purposefully put links in my writing and put them in for a reason. When I’m reading content, I click on a headline to read an article, then I am sent to another source of information, and maybe even another story. I may never make it back to the original content that I intended to read.

  10. Websites You Could Not Live Without

    Every once in a while, I like to take a poll around the office to try and learn just a bit more about my co-workers. And, this week’s poll was “What are the top three websites you could not WORK without or LIVE without?”

  11. How Do I Rank Higher in Google?

    So you’ve built a new website with a slick design, killer functionality and great content for your target audience.

    Now what?

  12. Getting Website Visitors: It’s About Value, Not Glitter

    You can have the snazziest, coolest-looking site on the web, but if you ignore it after the launch dust settles, you’re missing a huge opportunity to capitalize on your investment.