1. YouTube’s Top Ads of 2011

    Over the last few years, advertisers have learned a few things on how to truly engage customers. They’ve started providing consumers the opportunity to become an active participant in campaigns by creating content that we want to share. Ads are earning their way onto screens via votes on YouTube, comments, sharing and liking on various social media platforms. Users are jumping on the bandwagon and creating spoofs or video responses; making campaigns even more successful.

  2. Search: Online “Filter Bubbles”

    As Internet companies attempt to personalize their services to each user, there is an unintended result: we view an edited down version of reality that colors the world that we see. Eli Pariser discusses this in his latest TED talk that you can watch here.

  3. Creative Recruitment at Emerson College

    Emerson College has given new meaning to the term “college recruitment video.” According to an email sent to the website Bost Innovation, the video below is the work of a college group call the EVVY Awards. The EVVY Awards is an organization that produces “the largest multi-camera, live-switch student run award show in the country. The annual show celebrates the work completed by students across all majors at Emerson College.” The video is around 6 minutes long and features a mash-up of Lady Gaga songs. And, it gives you a nice slice of students at Emerson.

  4. YouTube’s Top 10 Videos for 2010

    The year is almost over and YouTube has just released its list of the top 10 most watched videos of 2010. Combined, these 10 videos had over 250 million views this year! Think you know the winners? Check them out here.

  5. Political Stalking or Voter Education?

    In the spirit of election week I thought I’d spread the word about an interesting site I’ve been made aware of, is a one-stop shop where you can stalk follow the online activities of your favorite, or not-so-favorite members of Congress.

  6. Toyota Swagger Wagon Hits Homerun

    Another Parthenon Video of the Week: The Toyota Swagger Wagon. Now, you may have seen the TV commercials for the new Toyota Sienna and heard a brief mention of the Swagger Wagon, but have you taken Toyota up on its invite to really “meet” the Swagger Wagon family? If not, you are in for a treat.

  7. Video of the Week: Old Spice Goes Viral

    This week the Parthenon staff viewed and discussed the phenomenal Old Spice campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy. While most had read […]

  8. Tech Showdowns in 2010 (1 of 3)

    As consumers continue to adopt new technology and integrate it into their lives, competition for their attention will increase substantially. As such, 2010 promises to be an exciting year for digital innovation and adoption. Unlike competition in more traditional industries, competition for the digital hearts and minds of consumers competes on features far more than on price.

    My top three competitions to watch in 2010 are Google vs. Apple, Google vs. AT&T, and Google vs. Microsoft. In today’s post, I’ll explore Google vs. Apple

  9. In Case You Missed It: Top 2009 Videos

    Were you one of the 120+ million people who checked out YouTube to watch Susan Boyle’s performance on Britian’s Got Talent? Did you watch Pitbull’s performance of “I Know You Want Me” (82+ million views on YouTube) or the now infamous “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” (33+ million YouTube views)?

  10. Social Media 101

    Still wondering how to get started on Twitter or Facebook? Resources to help people of all skill levels enter – and get the most out of – social media.