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  1. Networking Without Nametags

    July marks my one-year anniversary at Parthenon Publishing, and I owe finding and securing this job to years of organic […]

  2. Top 10 Day Trips from Nashville

    Have a hankering to hit the road? Are you limited by funds, gas or other woes? A short jaunt or […]

  3. 3 Reasons You’re Not Seeing the Google Adwords Performance You Deserve

    At the risk of abusing the relationship adage, ‘it’s not you, it’s me,’ I’ll say that 99.9 percent of the […]

  4. How to Make Social Media Work for Non-Profits

    Every organization knows they need a Facebook presence, or a few social media pages. Why is that? Primarily it’s these […]

  5. Employee communications must be more than HR missives

    The employee newsletter is dead; long live the employee newsletter! In other words, employees want their companies to communicate with […]

  6. Dogged Determination

    Through Retrieving Independence, service dog educator Brenda Dew gives the disabled and incarcerated a little bit of freedom.

  7. 5 Tips to Get Your Business Started on Social Media

    Social media is one of the best platforms for your company’s story. But how do you get started? For most, engaging with […]

  8. Better Tennessee Magazine Goes to Kingsport

    What happens after a nonprofit group gets the “Big Check” donation? Better Tennessee magazine finds out. Its stories go straight […]

  9. 3 Basics of Planning a Photo Shoot

    Here at Parthenon we have the opportunity to tell many powerful and compelling stories for our clients. We’ve used our experience to […]

  10. Project Scoping: The Roadmap for Clients and Agencies

    Projects can get hung out to dry for many reasons: Time management, budget, resource challenges, poor communication — and the […]

  11. Look to the skies

    Nashville Severe Weather founder David Drobny talks supercells, storm lines and Twitter stardom.