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  1. Now hiring: Junior Developer

    Parthenon Publishing is expanding its development team by hiring a junior developer focused on web and WordPress projects.

  2. Development vs. Live Servers: The Studio & The Gallery

    Developers use frameworks to save time and avoid frustration. When it comes to communicating with non-technical folks, I’ve found that metaphor is an especially handy framework.

  3. 5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in Nashville

    It’s that time of year again! No, not the one for giving gifts, volunteering at soup kitchens or spending time with family […]

  4. In the Land of Make Believe

    As stage manager of Nashville Children’s Theatre, Dan Brewer spends each day telling wondrous tales. He’s like a kid again, and with good reason.

  5. 2015 Will be the Year of the Employee

    Rather than a tool or a platform, the focus of marketers in 2015 will be on an audience. It will be the year of the employee.

  6. Top 10 Nashville Christmas Gifts

    Christmas shopping is the worst. Luckily these 10 Nashville gifts are the best.

  7. 5 Steps to a Better WordPress Template Hierarchy

    Creating a pretty — and pretty useful — WordPress template hierarchy in 5 easy steps.

  8. Radio City Meets Music City

    Music City may be better known for two-stepping than high kicks, but don’t tell that to brand-new resident Jenelle Engleson, […]

  9. Lessons in Storytelling from a Sausage Biscuit

    After getting a biscuit with sausage breakfast sandwich one Sunday morning, I realized that I had seen the power of storytelling in action.

  10. It’s A Dirty Job

    Opryland’s plant pro Megan McDugald talks of mulching tulips, toppling palms & Christmas in July.

  11. Top 10 Nashville Runs With a Twist

    We all know those dedicated runners who are quick to explain how pounding out mile after mile has changed their […]

  12. The Good Steward

    Realtors will tell you that East Nashville is trending right now, with vintage homes selling for sky-high prices. Craft breweries, […]